Zefang Zoe Li
Designer & Animator

Ethical & Flexible Apartment Sharing

I had the opportunity to collaborate with a creative director and brand strategist on a freelancing project, creating an app named 'Eaves.' Our goal was to develop a platform for a community of people living across the world eager to share their homes in order to travel more flexibly.

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Lead Product Designer



New population of remote employees can’t afford the digital nomad lifestyle due to the varying cost of living aboard. 

The privileges of traveling, especially internationally is that it creates community displacement and wider gentrification.

People are currently using social media and outdated websites to list available homes for short to medium leases (1-3 months). However, these platforms weren’t designed for this experience, creating many limitations.


A unique app experience that is tailored towards the needs of our identified target audience.


1/4 Competitive analysis
Living space & Community

2/4 Information architecture
Plan out how users will navigate the product

3/4 System design
Typography, colors, and components

4/4Concept testing & iterations

Testing and discussions of early models led to some key design changes.

Simplified Interaction
Streamlined the discovery page action to prompt user engagement with the model, facilitating a deeper understanding of their feed.

Hierarchical Enhancement
Reorganized the matches page for improved hierarchy, coupled with a redesigned layout to achieve a seamless and cohesive product experience.

Micro-Interaction Refinement
Implemented subtle micro-interactions within match notifications, prioritizing essential user information for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

How it works

1. Swipe Through  Profiles

2. Build a Community

3. Plan Your Trip