Zefang Zoe Li
Designer & Animator

Enriching the search experience by redesigning the music discovery page

This feature is a testament to our dedication to enhancing user interaction and showcasing the synergy between our teams.

Product Design


What's New?

Vibes Grid

This feature offers a dynamic way to explore our curated vibes, bringing a fresh look and feel to music discovery on our platform. It’s a visual signature of our app, making us stand out from other music apps.

Category Pages

Each vibe now boasts its own category page, offering a deep dive into albums, playlists, and tracks curated by our Autoplaylisting Team. It's a window into the best of what our algorithms and creative minds can offer.

Broader Accessibility

Utilizing the unused space on the search landing page, we're launching this new experience to enrich user interactions. This feature maintains all existing functionalities while adding new ways for us to engage fans with the content from our creators.

Why is this Important?

Enhanced User Experience
We're introducing new, attractive, and user-friendly section types like our gallery view for albums and a track wall for trending tracks. It's not just about finding music; it's about experiencing it in diverse and engaging ways.

Cross-Team Synergy
This feature is a clear example of what happens when different teams bring their strengths together. It’s the first time we integrate the work from another team and use multiple content sources to provide a singular experience to our users.

Future-Ready Infrastructure
This release is just a glimpse of what's in store for Home & Search in 2024. We're committed to continuously evolving our platform, adding diverse ways for users to experience our extensive catalog.

How we did it?

1/4 Content strategy brainstorm
for SLP

1/4 Content strategy brainstorm
for content page

2/4 Art direction brainstorm

3/4 Delivery

Search landing page

Category Pages

4/4 Design system



Over 200% of increase for daily sessions loading SLP


Around 90% of increase for at least 1 play daily.


More than 70% of respondents are satisfied with this new update.

What’s next?

Adding in Search filter and refine category tab to elevate the search experience

Further explore how to encorage user to click

Explore potential content for both SLP and content page