Zefang Zoe Li
Designer & Animator

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Hey! I am a UI/UX designer and animator based in New York. My main focus is on Experience(**) and motion(*) design through new technology. I am passionate about finding a common experience between the audience and myself across all fields of work.

Feel free to DM me for collaboration or design, art and sci-fi conversation!               



A cosmetic delivery app that can send me the product
I need and save me out of an awkward situation.

UI/UX Design; Motion Graphic; Branding

2019 Fall - 2020 Spring

02. SoundCloud Creative Studio

UI/UX Design; Motion Graphic; Branding

2021 Fall - Current

03. soound

This project started with the idea of "create an App to simulate how to interact with me", later on, it turned into an individual interactive project. However, because of the previous  idea of "simulate how to interact with me" I got a chance to develop some unexpected  feature from a different perspective than how I usually think.

UI/UX Design; Motion Graphic;Branding
2019 Fall - 2020 Spring


This project is to explore the boundaries between humans and machines, and to discuss the impact of technology from the moral, cultural and social levels. We also hope to use this opportunity to trigger more discussions about modern technology.

Concept Developmnet; UI/UX Design; Motion Graphic; Branding

2020 Spring

05. Selfeed

A self-service system that can provide
guidance, ordering, foodpooling and AR.

UI/UX; User Research

2019 Spring

 06. ✨NYC Winter Lantern Festival✨

Motion Graphic; Video Editing; Print matter

2019 Fall -2020 Spring


This project is based on my observation of how artists and the production industry using Megalophobia as a topic to rich up the experience of the work.

Interactive design; Motion Graphic; Concept Development

2019 Fall